Big Data & Analytic & AI

The competition of the 4.0 century is no longer owning Data, but the smartest and most efficient data processing. At Peahoki, we have developed unique methodologies to assist in data analysis and processing including:

  • Data warehouse and data mining design and implementation, data migration
  • Collect and analyze data in real-time.
  • Standard and customize reports.
  • Data analytics and prediction
  • Machine learning and AI to predict and propose solution.

5G Core – Broadway to future

The promises of 5G go well beyond high data transfer, spectral efficiency, ultra-low latency. The fundamental appeal of 5G lies in the fact that the entire infrastructure acts as a cohesive platform for all applications and is tuned to be flexible with demand – providing services tailored to their unique characteristics.

The Peahoki 5G Core Solution provides an end-to-end fully containerized 5G Core product portfolio with combo nodes for 2G/3G and 4G support. We will provide a flexible and cost-effective solutions to 5G that allows maximum reuse of 4G networks using combo nodes. In addition to multi-generation support, the Peahoki 5G Core solutions also supports non-3GPP access and can be tailored to fit a customer’s infrastructure and business needs.


The Blockchain technology helps store digital records in a secure and auditable manner, enabling a speedy, safe, and cost-effective transfer of assets. The applications of Blockchain, the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies, have now been extended to payments, identity management, insurance, healthcare, and digitization of physical assets. Peahoki team of Blockchain experts and domain specialists can help clients across industries implement effectively and tailored with your business. We help you get the competitive position in the marketing throughout practical and valuable solutions.